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Dogman is the fifth studio album released by the band King's X in 1994. The album was produced by Brendan O'Brien, who had just come off scoring big hits with Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and the Black Crowes. "Dogman" signaled a heavier direction for the group, and is often considered to be one of the group's best. The album was also supported with quite a few memorable performances opening for others, including a string of dates with Pearl Jam and the opening night of Woodstock '94. Eddie Vedder played the song "Cigarettes" off "Dogman" after a radio broadcast of a Pearl Jam performance on April 3, 1994, at the Fox Theater in Atlanta (when Vedder assumed the role of a DJ and played some of his favorite tunes).

Track listing

  1. "Dogman" – 4:01
  2. "Shoes" – 3:29
  3. "Pretend" – 4:36
  4. "Flies and Blue Skies" – 5:00
  5. "Black the Sky" – 4:32
  6. "Fool You" – 4:31
  7. "Don't Care" – 4:39
  8. "Sunshine Rain" – 4:35
  9. "Complain" – 3:19
  10. "Human Behavior" – 4:28
  11. "Cigarettes" – 5:52
  12. "Go to Hell" – 0:51
  13. "Pillow" – 4:24
  14. "Manic Depression" – 4:59
All songs written by Pinnick, Tabor and Gaskill, except "Manic Depression" written by Jimi Hendrix.


Album notes

  • The album was released with four different color covers.
  • "Dogman" is also a name given to the creature seen in a bedroom in a scene from the movie The Shining.


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